The creative strategy summit

Join us for the world's largest online gathering of creative strategists on September 14.
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
About the creative strategy summit

Discover powerful insights from industry-leading experts and brands

Creating scroll stopping ads

Learning how to source, launch, and scale scroll-stopping ads that capture attention.

Enhancing creative strategy

Arming yourself, your team, or agency with streamlined creative strategy from start to finish.

Improving creative analysis

Decoding your ad data to make better, more scalable decisions so you can avoid creative fatigue.

Mastering new ad platforms

Learning how to win on new ad platforms through innovative creative and trends.

Refining  influencer marketing strategies

Leveraging the latest influencer marketing strategies with real life examples from top ecom brands.

Scaling ad spend

Increasing spend efficiency and scaling from $10,000/m to $100,000/m to $1M and beyond with your creative winners.

Becoming a creative strategist

Equipping yourself and your team with new techniques of “The Creative Strategist” to help you eliminate guesswork and improve ad results.

Improving creative optimization

Optimizing your team’s creative workflow and building a feedback loop between data and creative so you can create winning ads faster.

Mastering creative testing

Overhauling how you find, source, create and test influencers and creative.

and much, much more!

We’ve gathered the industry’s best for a one-day performance creative crash course

Now’s your chance to learn from creatives who have managed over a billion dollars in ad spend, lead hypergrowth ecom startups, and married data & creative to rise to the top of their niche

Adam Rose-Levy
Head of Performance Creative, Wpromote
Amanda Gambill
Cofounder, DTC Summits
Anden Emery
Digital Advertising Analyst, The Adventure Challenge
Anze Markovic
Creative Strategist & CEO, Unlock Performance
Audrey Madden
Creative Strategist, Huel
Chase Dimond
Partner, Structured Agency
Dara Denney
Director of Performance Creative, Thesis
Evan Lee
Head of Creative Strategy, Motion
Joshua Mohline
Chief Content Officer, The Adventure Challenge
Kyle White
Associate Director of Growth, Keeps
Lauren Schwartz
Founder & Creative Director, The Loft 325
Micah Whitehead
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Zeroto1
Mirella Crespi
Founder & CEO, Creative Milkshake
Negeen Ghaisar
Head of Media, Good Moose
Nick Shackelford
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Structured
Nicole Crowell
Creative Strategist, Structured
Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands
Reza Khadjavi
Founder & CEO, Motion
Rob Allen
Founder, Kings of Conversion
Rose Mayo
VP of Growth, Very Great
Savannah Sanchez
Founder, The Social Savannah
Sheridan Holland
Owner & CEO, Consistent Content
Who should attend?

Created with your role in mind

Creative Directors & Marketing Management

Ready to level up your team's creative strategy? You'll learn powerful techniques on production processes, data reporting, and media buying to improve your bottom line. Get ready to gain clarity and accelerate performance.

Media Buyers

Looking to scale winning creative on any channel? You’ll hear directly from some of the top media buying experts in the field, discover how leading brands are sourcing creative and scaling spend, and the next big trends. That way, you’ll be armed take your team’s creative direction to the next level.

Designers & Creative Strategists

Facing creative fatigue or want to improve the performance of your ads? You’ll learn the newest trends and production hacks, and how to make data-driven creative decisions. Get access to dozens of industry-leading creators and see their design process, and empower your own creative ideation.

Influencer Marketing Managers

We’ve gathered some of the top brand managers and influencer experts to share their entire process for sourcing, scaling, and winning with UGC and creative. Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful levers you can pull in your business, but if you do it wrong, it can wreck your bottom line. We’ll show you how to avoid that.

UGC Creators

Want to start working better with brands? Don’t miss this. Hearing from top ecom leaders and influencer marketers will shed serious light on how you can create winning content. You’ll walk away with a massive list of dos and don'ts so you can bring brands a better ROI while increasing your own fees.

Ad Agency Owners & Operators

Get ready to learn about key creative pain points that clients face, and how to get in front of those issues and rapidly fix them. We’ll arm you with new tools, techniques, and tactics you’ll need to dominate creative performance in 2022 and beyond.


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Initial creative ideation to set your team up for success. Briefing strategies that bring your ad to life. Retrospectives so you can confidently scale and create more data driven creative

8 am PST | 11 am EST

Creative Strategy Summit Keynote

Presented by Reza Khadjavi

With an ever-changing paid media landscape, in an era of signal loss, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday on the horizon, it’s vital to nail your creative processes now more than ever before. Which means creative decision making and creative strategy is now mission critical.

That’s why this year’s event is built around three core themes — ideation, briefing, and retrospectives — to give you end-to-end insight on the creative process.

As CEO of Motion, Reza Khadjavi will kickoff the Summit in an engaging keynote address. He will share trends and insights he’s seeing on the frontlines of what’s working for top brands’ performance creative in 2022 and beyond.

9 am PST | 12 pm EST

Setting up UGC Creators for Success

Panel discussion with Sheridan Holland, Audrey Madden, and Lauren Schwartz

Whether your goal is to start working better with brands as a UGC creator or manage UGC creators more effectively, this panel is a must watch. We’ve gathered the top UGC experts to share how to pitch ideas, get them executed, and, most importantly, launch winning content. After this panel, you’ll have a massive list of dos and don'ts … so you can bring brands a better ROI if you’re a UGC creator or start sourcing the creative you actually want as a manager.

10 am PST | 1 pm EST

The Ultimate Ad Creation Crash Course: From Strategy, Production, and Iteration

Presented by Mirella Crespi

Mirella Crespi will shed some serious light on how to build a powerhouse performance marketing system in this special session. From strategy to production to iteration, you’ll get insights into the exact processes she’s seeing working with her clients right now.

11 am PST | 2 pm EST

How to Decide What to Create Next

Panel discussion with Anden Emery, Anze Markovic, Josh Mohline, and Kyle White

Trends … campaign results … brand personas … you know all the pieces, but how do you put it all together to create thumb-stopping ads that consistently convert? In this dynamic panel, we’ve assembled some of the top mind’s on creative strategy, brand performance marketing, and data to share what’s working now and why. So you’ll be able to improve your creative decision making and always know what your next great ad will be.

12 pm PST | 3 pm EST

Decoding the TikTok Ad Creation Process

Presented by Savannah Sanchez

With TikTok’s explosive growth, it’s easy to say “you need to be on TikTok!” But what are the real strategies working right now that you can use to launch top performing ads, source better creative, and execute top-notch UGC? In this session, Savannah will share all her best tips to make TikTok your number one acquisition strategy.

1 pm PST | 4 pm EST

Why Creative Strategy Is Mission Critical: An Executive-Level Perspective

Panel discussion with Nik Sharma, Micah Whitehead, Negeen Ghaisar

The media buying landscape is changing rapidly. What used to work doesn’t, and brands value efficient growth more than a “scale at any cost” mentality. This panel will dive deep into why this shift matters, how the C-suite thinks, what’s required to get more buy-in to the creative strategy process, and why retrospection is now essential. You’ll walk away with knowing exactly how your brand or agency can take advantage of this new “efficient media wave.”

2 pm PST | 5 pm EST

Data-Driven Creative Decision Making

Presented by Adam Rose-Levy

As the Head of Performance Creative at Wpromote, Adam will discuss how to pair world-class creative with data insight. He’ll share the most important metrics to monitor, how to marry data and creative, and how you can revamp your creative decision-making.

3 pm PST | 6 pm EST

“In the Trenches:” A Day in the Life of a Creative Strategist

Presented by Nicole Crowell

As a senior media buyer and creative strategist with millions in ad spend across FB, IG, Google & Tiktok, Nicole will be sharing frontline insights of what’s like to be a creative strategist. Whether you’re in-house at a DTC organization, work for or own a brand, or are balancing multiple clients, you’ll walk away with a clearer vision on your key activities, goals, and more.

4 pm PST | 7 pm EST

Your Perfect Creative Team Stack

Panel discussion with Dara Denney, Nick Shackelford, and Rose Mayo

Great ads don’t get created without great teams. In this special session, we’ve gathered some of the top leaders on building a dynamic, flexible, and scalable creative team. You’ll get clarity on who you need to hire, what responsibilities people need to have, and how to optimize your team’s creative workflow for ultimate success.

5 pm PST | 8 pm EST

Putting the “Creative Strategist” Pieces Together: A Round-Up With Motion

Presented by Evan Lee

Discover your top performing creatives today with Motion

Get started

Join Evan Lee, Motion’s Head of Creative Strategy, to close out The Creative Strategy Summit! He’ll share key learnings from the event and how to put all the pieces together in an actionable plan to set you and your team on the path for success.

We’ll cover everything you need to tackle even your most ambitious performance creative goals.
SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

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